Social, Cultural and humanitarian committee



Please note: this committee is reserved for high school (lycée) students only.


The Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM) is the third committee of the General Assembly of the United Nations. It is tasked with a broad mandate surrounding social, humanitarian, and human rights issues from around the world. Issues discussed within SOCHUM include, but are not limited to: human rights, global literacy, women’s rights, children’s rights, the treatment of refugees and displaced persons, international drug control, crime prevention, and the elimination of racism and discrimination. SOCHUM also works closely with many other UN bodies in order to effectually address its mandated issues.


The chairs and topics will be announced in due course. In the meantime, we would highly recommend that you consult the Best Delegate website for a detailed summary of the committee's history and mandate, as well as potential topics.


SOCUM Study Guide
The study guide for this committee will be published soon.
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